We Understand

Navigating our complex healthcare system is difficult on a good day. Imagine the challenges that come with the diagnosis of a major medical condition.

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We Guide

At Angel’s Advocacy we pair patients and their families with experienced, trained advocates to help educate and equip them to navigate the health care system with confidence.

How We Change Lives

[AACN provides] better communication with better informed patients. I have some patients who don’t know or are unsure of why they are [in my office]. Patients with AACN come to me more open to help and participate. I haven’t experienced any down side thus far in my experience. They bring thorough patient records right to my door. [Angel’s Advocacy] brings motivated and educated patients to me and assists them in navigating their care and treatment.

Her awareness and caring saved me from certain disaster.

They have taken so much stress out of my life and helped me understand why and what is happening to [my husband]. They helped me take better care of myself so I could be healthy for him and our daughter… We love our Angels and will always be grateful for them turning our lives right side up again.”

I was so confused and was in a place where I just wanted the cancer gone and would have done whatever a doctor told me to do without question. Nancy helped me to ask the right questions and followed me through my recovery. She was a special Angel that God sent into my life when I needed an advocate to think, talk, and act for me when I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. She is compassionate, caring, loving and knows what you need before you do.

We Empower

Our patients are empowered in mind, body, and spirit. We train our advocates to care for the medical, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of every patient throughout these challenging times in their lives.